Save CUNY for the sake of our young people


Today's #‎SaveCUNY rally and march across the Brooklyn Bridge was very inspirational.

Many young New Yorkers came out to let our Governor and the State Legislature know that they want a quality affordable education. The proposed tuition hikes could force more of our students to go into more debt. 

At a time when college debt is crushing the dreams of young and not so young people across the country, New York should be leading the way on affordable education. 


These young New Yorkers are here at the #‎SaveCUNY rally and march, to say that they want an opportunity at a quality education. This is a major contrast to the images and motives attributed to our young people of color in the media. You won't see this on Fox News or CNN. 

We owe it to these young AMERICANS to give them an opportunity to earn the degrees needed to obtain the good paying jobs in our new economy. Let's give our young Americans a pathway to the middle class, so that they too can become pillars of our society.

I should also mention that some of these young citizens are part of CUNY's Black Male Initiative (#BMI). To learn more about BMI visit:


Want to do your part? There is a petition being passed around asking our Governor, fellow #Democrat, Andrew Cuomo and our New York State Legislature NOT to make it harder for our young New Yorkers to obtain a degree by hiking CUNY tuition rates.



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