February Jobs Listing - Opportunity For All

Dear Friends & Community Members,

Despite the number of jobs created over the last few years following the recessions, many of our friends, neighbors, family and even ourselves remain unemployed or under-employed. It is my belief that a well paid job is essential to being able to afford housing in our ever more expensive City, and it is also essential to the pursuit of your personal American Dream.

The purpose of my monthly Jobs Newsletter is to both keep you and our communities abreast of job opportunities as they become available and educate others on the jobs situation in our country. Below you’ll find highlights from the Jobs Report and a listing of jobs available.

If you know of any jobs opportunities that our community members can apply for please send them to us at the contact below.  


Josue Pierre

42nd Assembly District Democratic County Committee
Candidate for Democratic State Committee - Male District Leader



“President Obama, who expressed frustration that he has not received the credit he feels he deserves for the country’s improving economy, said the jobs numbers were further signs of progress.”

During the last few months of the Bush Presidency the United States was loosing over 700k jobs every month, now we create around 200k per month. From the time of President Obama’s election in 2008, over 9million jobs have been created in the United States. This Has brought our unemployment rate from a staggering peak of about 10% to 4.9%. 

According to many economist, at this point anyone who wants a job should be able to find it. That is some good news, but can we find well paid jobs is another matter.

See link for full New York Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/06/business/economy/jobs-report-unemployment-january-fed-interest-rates.html?_r=0




CITY OF NEW YORK - Civil Service Exams - City wide: All Boroughs 

  • Corrections officer
  • environment police officer
  • school safety agent
  • special officer
  • Traffic enforcement agent
https://a856-eeexams.nyc.gov/OLEE/oasys/ExamList.aspx , http://www1.nyc.gov/jobs/exams.page  

Postgraduate Center for Mental Health - Non- Profit - City wide: All Boroughs


PRIDE HEALTH - Private Sector - City Wide: All boroughs


BEST BUY - Private Sector - Brooklyn, NY- Atlantic Center Mall


APPLES BEES - Private sector - Multiple locations in Brooklyn

  • Kitchen
  • To-Go
  • Server Assistant
  • Server
  • Bartender 
  • Host
  • Expo
  • Manager 
http://www.applemetrorestaurants.com/content/team-members-apply-here www.Applebees.com

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