Albany Mock Legislative Session with Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte)

#TeamPierre & #TeamBichotte in Mock Legislative Session


1. Josue Pierre debated the issues with Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte. 


2. After a rigorous debate on my bill, titled "The Peoples Progressive Agenda", Assembly member Bichotte and I agreed on a version which we could all live with. 


3. We whipped the votes needed to pass legislation, by getting the support of our fellow Assembly members.


4. Speaker Pierre called for a vote on legislation, which passed overwhelmingly.


5. Speaker Pierre took a call from the Governor to discuss his executive support for our legislation (Yes, I always look into cameras when I take a phone call. 😎)


6. After a long legislative session, 30 minutes, we closed out for the day. Speaker Pierre went for a drink (Crémas) with Assembly member Bichotte.

Why do they make it look so hard? 


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Albany Caucus 2017 - The New York State Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc.

A Few of The Events We Took Part in During Caucus 

The guest speaker for this year's 46th Annual Scholarship Dinner Gala was Roland Martin



Our NYC Comptroller, Scott M. Stringer attended the 10th annual MWBE event 



I attended a panel discussion on funding for our City (CUNY) and State (SUNY) public university systems. 



Sen. Kevin Parker's Higher Education Panel Discussion -  #SaveCUNY 

As City University of New York (#CUNY) tuition fees continue to rise and the portion of State investment continues to decline, more money has to come out of students' pockets and they accumulate more debt. 

This is a critical time to invest in higher #education for our communities. The state needs to provide the funds needed to prepare our students for the #jobs of the future.

It should be noted, these CUNY Colleges were once free. As more working-class whites and people of color started entering CUNY, State funding coincidentally went down. 🤔


Assemblymember Bichotte Hosted an MWBE Panel




High school students from Brooklyn visiting Albany


Haitian-American Community Members and their growing presence at Caucus 

In our State's Capitol with newly elected Haitian-American State Assemblymember Clyde Vanel (far left) and my good friend, political consultant, Edu Hermelyn (center).


Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc (HAUP), and Executive Director, Elsie Saint-Louis and her team. HAUP is a not-for-profit community-based organization which helps low-income families and individuals live healthy and productive lives.  


Belated Happy Birthday to Tessa Hackett-Vieira




A belated Happy Birthday to our friend and community activist Tessa Hackett-Vieira. 
We enjoyed celebrating her 60th with her while in Albany.

We had some great Jamaican Food Courtesy of Assemblymember Nick Perry.


The party suite was packed, so #TeamPierre chilled in the hallway.
As you can see, sitting in a hotel hallway to enjoy Jerk chicken was not beneath our dignity.

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NYS Senate & Assembly Democrats Versus Trump Republicans


fullsizeoutput_b82.jpegClick here to see article


New York State Assembly Democrats are standing up against Trump Republicans. 


Unfortunately, this bill may never make it to the New York State Senate for a vote, because it's controlled by Trump Republicans. 

Why is our State Senate controlled by Trump Republicans you ask? - because 8 Democrats decided to hand them the majority leadership. 

Click here to see article

I became a District Leader to use my voice on behalf of my community, communities like yours, and to get them engaged in civics and the political process.



Friends, as citizens I ask you take a step on behalf of your neighbors. Use your voices, social media, and E-mails to let our neighbors know that they will not stand alone. Demand that our Democratic party members in the Senate stop playing politics as usual and get it together real quick to stand up against Trump and his Republican allies in Albany.

Friends, we want to hear from you. Share your comments about this issue on Facebook by Clicking here. 


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State of Immigration - State of Emergency Forum




This past Wednesday night, State Senator Kevin Parker, Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, Council Member Jumaane Williams, and I, co-hosted an immigration forum in Flatbush to let local residents know that their elected leaders stand with them. The forum provided residents with vital information which will help them stay in our country, and eventually become tax paying citizens like you and me.




The room was filled to capacity. When asked how many people felt afraid for themselves or their neighbors, 90% of the people in the room had their hands raised. When asked by Council Member Jumaane Williams, at the end of the event, "How many people here feel better informed?" every hand went up. Council Member Williams then asked, "How many people still feel scared?", all those hands from before were raised again.




We thank Senator Kevin Parker, Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, & our host Council Member Jumaane Williams. We appreciate the hard work of their respective staffs for organizing this "State of Immigration-State of Emergency forum





Regarding Our New President, Donald Trump




As of January 20th, 2017, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. While I am a vigorous opponent of most of his agenda, policies, rhetoric, behavior (I’ll spare you the entire list) etc... it is important that we acknowledge and respect the office of the presidency itself. In doing so, we will be better able to hold President Trump to the standards which come with the office. 

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

President Trump and the Republicans will essentially have a monopoly on federal government power. They will control the presidency, both houses of congress, and could possibly control the Supreme Court.

Should we give President Trump an opportunity to prove our worst fears and his worst rhetoric wrong? Yes! Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. The responsibility is on him to prove us wrong. I'd prefer to be wrong. 

I will say this “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Many Statements were made by Donald Trump during his campaign, which were outrageous, and at the very least questionable. The same can be said about his cabinet picks. We will not turn a blind eye to his words or his cabinet appointments. 

Vigilance, keeping careful watch for signs of danger, is one of our many responsibilities as citizens. Your rights, and those of your family, friends, and community members matter. We must defend all of our rights. If at any point you feel that you or your community is under threat, know that your leaders including myself, will lend our voices to your cause and stand with you in defense of those rights. 

I wish our new President, success in carrying out his responsibilities and duties. If he is successful, it will be to the benefit of us all. I hope you and I will remain vocal in pushing the new president and our government in Washington DC, in the right direction. 

God bless us all. 


Josue (Josh) Pierre
Democratic State Committeeman
District Leader - 42nd AD NYS



City Council Member Williams & District Leader Pierre Town Hall



On Nov. 29,  Council Member Jumaane D. Williams  hosted a town hall meeting with District Leader Josue PierreEast Flatbush VillageRadio Soleil, and Life of Hope at P.S. 181.  Constituents and interested members of the public learned about city initiatives and raised issues of concern to Council Member Williams and representatives from various City agencies. 

Areas of discussion included issues related to rent prices, evictions and heating problems in apartment complexes. Constituents also raised concerns about overcrowding in schools, immigration and deportation fears in light of a Trump presidency. A number of small businesses also discussed issues in regard to fines they are receiving from the Sanitation Department.


"My office continues to put together town halls as often as possible because we know how valuable they are for constituents. They are great forums to share information to community members who may not be aware of the programs and resources available to them", said Council Member Williams. "Thank you to Principal Victor Esannason for allowing us to host this event at P.S. 181, and to our co-sponsors and agency representatives for participating in our town hall."


"We had a number of local residents come out on a rainy Tuesday night to hear from city agencies, ask questions and get additional information on a range of issues," said District Leader Pierre. "There were many helpful programs and processes that our neighbors were hearing about for the first time. We got lots of interesting questions. This is the level of community engagement and service we need in central Brooklyn. Council member Jumaane Williams and I are committed to empowering all local residents so that they can improve their quality of life and enjoy the benefits of being New York City Residents."

"It is leadership of this type that makes Council Member Jumaane Williams relevant," said Ricot Dupuy of Radio Soleil.  "We are proud to have supported this town hall."

"East Flatbush Village, Inc. is proud that NYC Council Member Jumaane D. Williams is always at the forefront, taking a proactive approach when it comes to our community. These town hall meetings give the community an opportunity to learn about city initiatives, voice our concerns to Council Member Williams and the representatives from the city agencies," said Monique Waterman, founder of East Flatbush Village. "It is always empowering to me when our community has the opportunity to have a voice on how they are affected. As a community, we need to take advantages of these opportunities as they are not always afforded to us. Once again I thank Council Member Williams and his office and those who came out to support this valuable event."


Representatives from the following offices, agencies, and organizations were in attendance:

January 2017 Flatbush Tenants Coalition Meeting


Great discussion on racial justice amongst neighbors and community partners at today's @FlatbushTenants Coalition meeting!
I thought we were just going to talk about rent increases. What I got was a diverse group of neighbors discussing the history of institutional, interpersonal, ideological and internalized forms of oppression which continues to affect our society today, and its effects on housing.


The discussion was done in such a way that most people felt comfortable in sharing their opinions, and no one was disrespected.


Special thanks to the Flatbush Tenants Coalition for organizing this workshop and allowing me to participate. Below is a pic of their upcoming events and workshops.


Hurricane Matthew Aftermath



Brooklyn, NYCouncil Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn)Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, and District Leader for the 42nd Assembly District, Josue Pierre, released the following statement in regards to Hurricane Matthew that made land fall in Haiti Tuesday morning. The hurricane, which has been downgraded from a Category 4 storm, to a Category 3, is making its way to the Bahamas and Florida.

STATEMENT BY:  Council Member Williams, Assemblywoman Bichotte and District Leader Pierre 


"We offer our deepest prayers and sympathy to the victims and all those affected by Hurricane Matthew, particularly in Haiti, which was one of the hardest hit locations. We are working closely with local Haitian organizations to identify needs and provide support to those impacted by the hurricane. 

"Those wishing to donate items can drop off supplies at the following locations: 


1401 Flatbush

Brooklyn, NY 11210


The Multicultural Bridge Project

1894 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210


Haitian Family Resource Center

1783 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY, 11210


 "For those with family and friends in Haiti, a hurricane relief / evacuation center has been opened at HAC-Haiti's community center in Croix De Bouquets. The contact information is listed below:


HAC-Haiti Community Center

#64 Rue Double Harvest

Croix De Bouquets, Haiti



Samuel Darguin

HAC-Haiti Country Director

509.360.94056/ 509.468.21875/509.310.19819

"As Haiti, and rest of the Caribbean including Jamaica, the Bahamas and Cuba, assesses the damage, and prepares to recover from the aftermath of the hurricane, our offices andCouncil District 45 and Assembly District 42 organizations stand ready to assist and provide support."


District Leader Josue Pierre Talks Civic Engagement, Empathy & Fixing District 42’s Toughest Issues


Article from Ditmas Park Corner 





To prepare for tomorrow’s primary election, DPC talked with the incumbent Democratic State Committeeman (aka Male District Leader) Josue (aka Josh) Pierre of the 42nd Assembly District; the district represented by Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte and covers parts of Ditmas Park, Flatbush, East Flatbush and Midwood.

“I’ve been interested in politics since I was a kid, and I’m a history buff and followed international politics,” Pierre said. “I was one of those people that could point out any country on a map.”

But his passion for local politics burgeoned in 2010, when he took the position as (now Assembly Member) Rodneyse Bichotte’s campaign manager. “I realized that all of that stuff means nothing if you’re not engaged on a local level,” he said. “That’s when I saw the local political infrastructure, and all the potential as well as the failure of that infrastructure.”

Pierre is an intelligent, articulate, Haitian-American Democrat who grew up in Flatbush. With a degree in accounting, Pierre works as a financial analyst and economic developer. He is also the chairman of the 42nd Assembly District Democratic State Committee and a founding member of the Shirley Chisholm Democratic Club. In 2012, he ran against Ed Powell for Male District Leader — and although Powell won the position — both men developed a good working relationship. When Powell retired last month, he nominated Pierre as his replacement and was unanimously voted in as the new District Leader.

Though his background is diverse and his education extensive, Pierre told us that he’s always been a Democrat at heart.

“I’m a liberal, progressive, yet very pragmatic democrat. One of the traits that separates the Democratic party is the idea of empathy. I don’t have to be white, black, Jewish or any particular sexual orientation to understand their struggle. At the DNC you see a broader more diverse America, whereas in the Republican party you see America’s past power structure fading away,” Pierre said.

Read more Q & A with District Leader Pierre here 

#TeamPierre Asks That You Join Us As We Remember & Honor 9/11 Victims & Heroes




Today is the day to remember the many innocent Americans that unexpectedly lost their lives fifteen years ago. Today is the day that we share in the grief and pain of so many families that have struggled with the loss of their precious family members. Today is the day that we all honor the amazingly brave fire fighters, police officers, & first responders that immediately leaped into action, without knowing the unprecedented danger that lay ahead. Today is September 11, 2016. Today, not only do we remember the many lives that were lost on September 11, 2001, today we also admire the strength, resilience, and triumph of New York & New Yorkers. We hope that you take a moment today to remember those we have lost, while appreciating how we have responded to the tragic events of 9/11 with courage and dignity which is a sign of the tremendous personal strength that New Yorkers and Americans holds within each of us.




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