Albany Mock Legislative Session with Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte)

#TeamPierre & #TeamBichotte in Mock Legislative Session


1. Josue Pierre debated the issues with Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte. 


2. After a rigorous debate on my bill, titled "The Peoples Progressive Agenda", Assembly member Bichotte and I agreed on a version which we could all live with. 


3. We whipped the votes needed to pass legislation, by getting the support of our fellow Assembly members.


4. Speaker Pierre called for a vote on legislation, which passed overwhelmingly.


5. Speaker Pierre took a call from the Governor to discuss his executive support for our legislation (Yes, I always look into cameras when I take a phone call. 😎)


6. After a long legislative session, 30 minutes, we closed out for the day. Speaker Pierre went for a drink (Crémas) with Assembly member Bichotte.

Why do they make it look so hard? 


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