#TeamPierre has submitted over 1,500 Signatures

#‎TeamPierre submitted over 1,500 signatures!!!



We submitted more than 3 times the number of signatures required from local Democrats, saying they want to see Josue Pierre on the ballot in this election. This is a huge show of confidence in our candidacy and our campaign team. I thank all the volunteers, donors, and club members who have made this possible.

Now that phase one, getting on the ballot, is complete we move on to phase two, getting our message out to the voters.

We are preparing for battle and I need your support. If you have not had a chance to do so, now is the time to make a donation and join #TeamPierre.

Please donate today by clicking this link: https://josuepierre.nationbuilder.com/donate

Join our history making team, sign up to volunteer here: http://josuepierre.nationbuilder.com/volunteer

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